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Meet your dog training team.

The dog was shut down, cowering away from my father. In that moment, I knew things had to change.

Joyful Dog Training - 2 dogs sitting in the grass after a dog training session
Growing up, my father trained American Bulldogs for boar hunting, and my mom bred chow chows.

Even as a kid, I was already training stray dogs and some of our own.

But back in the 80s, dog training methodology was different. My father used harsh training methodologies, relying on brutality and dominance to force a dog into submission.

After seeing dogs shut down time and time again because of my father’s use of extreme punishment, I promised myself to train differently.

Eventually, I began walking dogs for the ASPCA and evaluating behavioral cases. I started raising multiple litters of puppies for rescue organizations, teaching them basic puppy training, until they were old enough to be adopted.

Then life took a plot twist.

In the early 2000s, I had the opportunity to work at a wildlife sanctuary, working with and studying large breed cats – cougars, lions, tigers, and everything in between. I even got the opportunity to work with Northeastern State University studying body language in a wolf pack.

It’s easy to get caught up in studying just one breed of animals. However, taking the time to study both wolves and large-breed cats taught me more about natural animal behavior body language than a book or traditional training course ever could.

Eventually, I left working at the wildlife sanctuary and went through the training to become a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CCPDT-KA) and a registered AKC evaluator. I’ve also read pretty much every dog training and behavior book I could get my hands on – from Karen Pryor to Sophia Yin.

Joyful Dog Training dog trainer Miranda Williams in Dickson TN with her dog

Philosophy of Training

Golden Retriever Puppy Training


No two dogs are alike. Every dog has their own personality & skillset, and every owner (that’s you!) has different training goals. Your dog training program will be custom designed to fit your dog, your lifestyle, and your training goals.
Black dog training with Miranda Williams in Dickson TN


We use science- backed training methods. To teach a dog new skills, we use food, toys, praise, and movement to keep your dog excited to learn during training sessions. We can then layer in other tools for reinforcement and behavior proofing as necessary. 
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Starting with the belief that your dog has the potential to learn & change is crucial to your dog’s training. When both you and your dog are able to work together with confidence, you’ll be able to conquer any scenario or circumstance that comes up.
Every moment of every day, your dog is learning from you – not just in in training sessions. In our sessions together, you and your dog will learn a variety of skills and commands.

You’ll want to practice reinforcing these skills & commands on a consistent basis. This will significantly help you and your dog develop a better working relationship together, as well as get the best results from training.

Meet My Dog Training Assistants




Khaleesi is my husky who helps my clients’ dogs get comfortable being around other dogs. This allows me to connect with dogs who may be reactive towards humans but is neutral with dogs. Khaleesi loves demonstrating different behaviors, helping client dogs follow her example.
Benny - Fun Police when it comes to dog training



Benny is a puggle who “foster- failed.” He serves as a great resources to see how client dogs behave around small dogs. When not helping with training, he likes to lounge on the couch, leap logs while hiking, and keep an eye on any potential pack shenanigans.
Magnus is a dog training graduate!



Magnus is a German shepherd who loves demonstrating advanced obedience techniques. Full of confidence, Magnus is great at demonstrating to dog owners multiple types of recalls available for them to learn and train with their dog.
Howell is the office manager of our dog training company.



Howell is a Beagle that came to us after spending 8 months in a shelter and in danger of behavioral euthanasia. Since he requires ongoing stress management, Howell doesn’t work with our clients. Instead, he helps with administrative duties like snuggling on the couch after a long day of work.

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